Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the phone didn't die

wow, what a difference a charger makes... the phone is charging so much faster with jackson's charger... it's like a new phone when it comes to charging... the faulty wire on the other charger was the apparent cause of the poor charging, not the old battery... did i mention this already?... well, this got me thinking about the charger and flash drives and other items (valued at few hundred dollars, at least) the last place i worked at stole from me... that was the tone the ceo set, use, abuse, and stab each other in the back whenever possible... he was the best at it, being relatively psychotic... that might be a requirement to be a ceo in the good old u.s.a.... anyway, i haven't replaced anything they stole because i am trying to live as lean as possible, so i am happy jacks had the charger from her old phone cuz it works great (it doesn't fit her iphone, after all, that's corporate greed ya know... new and improved incompatibility and the ever present planned obsolescence)... still, yay for jackson's old cord...

hope you had some good news today too :)

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