Sunday, May 19, 2013

sweet sleep rocks

it's so rare that i just let go of everything and sleep lately (and it's happening right now)... this time away from the rat race working world should be gravy and the perfect time to catch up on the relaxing letting go i did not do for more than 11 years while working that crazy 24/7 gig for a psychotic boss who would flat out say a hundred ours a week was not enough... i haven't let go of responsibilities as i should during this time off time mostly because i am concerned about happiness and jackson... they are both fragile children (well, happiness is a dog) who are not responsible enough to take care of themselves independently and my instinct is to take care of those who have not found that skill within themselves... unfortunately, that's most of the people i've lived with in this life... i attract them because i have this instinct to give unconditionally and take care of people... unfortunately, that enables the ones who don't want to stand on their own for whatever reason they choose and that's where i am these days... but today i let go... i trusted jackson to come home and feed and take care of her dog and i trusted her to take care of herself... i let go and slept... and it feels so good, i just may put on the running shoes tonight... it's so simple to do what is right for myself when the mind is clear...

yay :)

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