Friday, May 17, 2013

a bit of history

a while back, like six or seven years ago, maybe even a decade (this would be a tenth year anniversary for some of us out here dating back to early blogger and diaryland and livejournal and beyond... wow, huh?), i was a bit more interactive here in the blogosphere as i babbled on regularly in TheReal(TM) and on the right sidebar of that babbling blog there are links to the web places where i could find some of the people who interacted more or less regularly back then... there's an i miss you link on the right side of this blog, even... over at the babbling TheReal(TM), the lists of links can be found under blog family and friends from elsewhere and magic, muses, and memories and so on... though not all of the blog family are linked there and some family were listed below under friends from elsewhere and magic, muses, memories cuz they didn't visit as much but were still family... beside online interactions, i played with a few (offline), worked with a couple (offline), and even slept with (lived with) one who's still in touch... i wondered how many of those links still work (and went to find out... you'll have to head over the TheReal(TM) to click if you want to) and that wondering lead to this site update for the blog family... for me and them and anyone who cares :)

z9 is gone from the web
q9 is there but inactive, last updated 2009
p9 is there by invitation only, alas
al9 is there (twice) but inactive, both last updated 2010

a & d is a private myspace, still around on facebook too
smash is there but inactive, last updated 2010
dandy requires a password, alas
eli is gone from the web
cali is a private myspace

annie is there but inactive, last updated 2006
nicole is there but inactive almost a year (2012)
nicim is there
moo is there, though moved to tumblr and is active there

clarity is there, inactive
zoe is there, inactive
alex requires a password, alas
gigi is there, inactive, last updated 2010

a few of the others below those link lists are not me but most on the left side of right are me... and others linked from online and offline fun under friends that left a mark, fuel for fantasies, sentimental favorites, ships passing, and others, well, maybe i'll explore them another time... it was fun to remember and i'll spend some time wandering now...

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the thing is, with my tendency to babble and meander and whine and allow distraction to take the lead more often than not, even in this blog that sort of meant to merge brevity with focus like some bloggers do, searching for key words does not always lead to specific information about the subject of that key word... but... here is a start at an easy way to search for key words in this blog... use the search box at the top of the blog to search for words not listed here... if ya wanna, that is... and feel free to suggest words to add to this search shortcut section... click on the words below :)

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