Thursday, May 16, 2013

alas, poor myspace, i knew you well

but really guys, you've gone way too commercial really?... a commercial between every single song?... yup, they've gone greed crazy which reduces their draw immensely for me... worse yet, kaspersky blocks the stream every few songs (or commercials) because it detects malicious behavior... not sure if it's the same commercial repeated within ten minutes or if it's a more serious attempt to phish or injure me and my computer, but it's not good news for my playlist or for myspace... it was a good playlist, too... unfortunately, the dischordant music of the commercials between each song destroy the ambiance of the mix... there were 33 songs on it (the playlist says so), but only 29 are still listed... it's called Love Songs and Other Anomalies... here is what is left...

I Could Fall
Like a Song
Here, Here, and Here
Chasing Cars
Flying Solo
Love Song
To Make You Feel My Love
The Greatest Discovery
I'd Be Lying
The Luckiest
Fighting for Nothing
Inside My Head
Piano Man
Love Me Tender
The Widow
And I Love Her
Unchained Melody
True Gold
These Roses
First Episode at Hienton
Set Down Your Glass
Guardian Angel
The One
I Want You To Be My Love
It's Good to Be In Love
The Show
Jen Chapin
Meg & Dia
Snow Patrol
Breadicus Finch
The Telling
Elton John
Cover Version
Elton John
Greg Laswell
Ben Folds
Stars Go Dim
Meg & Dia
Meg & Dia
Billy Joel
Elton John
Elvis Presley
The Mars Volta
St. Martin's Symphony of LA
The Righteous Brothers
The Telling
Elton John
Snow Patrol
The Telling
Elton John
Over The Rhine
Frou Frou

i actually have nineteen playlists on myspace from back in the days i played there (before tim sold it off)... and i am still loving the music (and the secret links... shhhh lol lam seriously... and the show, thank you lenka) and still feeling super good and someday, i shall try to remember the songs myspace deleted and recreate the message without the commercials so the blend of sounds and lyrics can be felt as intended...

feel me, myspace? :)

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