Tuesday, May 21, 2013

after a shower

i laid down to sleep but the muscles were not happy (the short term pains were not present, but the longer term regeneration needed a boost cuz i ate so little today) so i swallowed some vitamins (multi, b-c complex, flax seed, and cayenne pepper... need to buy grapefruits)... and i shall stand here and let them dissolve and get into the bloodstream and to the muscles (cuz laying down might give the cayenne a chance to provide a bit of heartburn, which is really stomach burn, but anyway)... i have not been taking any vitamins since the kidney issues last month because the stuff that holds the tablets together and some of the vitamins seem to increase the sediment in the urine... so i am hoping not to repeat that... the body wants food, but it also wants sleep and i am determined not to eat or take in any calories before going to bed... a touch of salt, perhaps... i must get the body conditioned to burning fat again instead of storing fat... this could be a challenging week, month even... hope the heart holds out... the neck is mostly better... the ear is ringing loudly, a sign of body stress and elevated blood pressure... i wish someone nearby would share this experience and help monitor me cuz it would suck to die alone trying to live better, ya know?... laughter is my best friend, don't poo :)

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