Thursday, May 16, 2013

loving music again

wishing i could share it more intimately though... it's a dual edge sword for me, music, that is... it brings me profound pleasure, insight, peace and excitement and also brings a deep loneliness and longing to share it and all it brings... add lyrics and the desire to communicate and share (and therein the longing) grows exponentially... still, the music is wonderful... you can find the current music mixes in this entry (the sadness of the unfilfilled longing starts playing as the entry opens... you can click on links to listen to more... it's not all sad, in fact, even the opening song is wonderfully joyous on many levels for me as i listen to the music and the words on many levels)... my favorite songs are often songs that express experiences i've actually experienced in life - or songs i just love to sing for any number of reasons from personal to pure performance value...

music is my life, it is not my livelihood... thank you harry... feel free to ask anything about any of the songs you listen to... i love to talk music too (not just listen and sing) so if you have any favorite songs i'd love to hear them and know why they are favorites for you... how does this one go again (name that tune?)... it's no secret, after all :)

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