Thursday, May 30, 2013

another morning

and waiting for the phone to charge a bit before i head out for a walk... the back is stiff, but no major pain... i can feel it when i bend, stretch, or stand from a seating/laying position, but i shall walk and see how it reacts... could have used more steady sleep, but got a 4 and two 2 hour cycles in... happiness is not happy with his dry food, but he will eat when he is hungry enough and dry when he feels like drinking... i will add water and a treat as i used to and see if that works for him (the treat stimulates his appetite and the water gives the dry food more of a canned texture and also gets more water into him, which is very necessary for his health)... he had a stream of bright red blood last night after peeing and his urine definitely has more blood in it than he had a couple of weeks ago... squeezing when he is dry to mark territory does that to him... guess i'll just ignore it from now on... like i'm trying to ignore his tail... i spent $40 on bandages and stuff last time and just can't put more savings into that now... bleeding my savings dry is not going to help anybody... alas, should i hope jackson has rent money for me this month... shhhh, keep the peace... what can i do, after all... the back definitely didn't like picking up his poop this morning... focus, exercise, stop the helpless act and whining... yeah, that's the ticket...

narf :}

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