Friday, May 22, 2015

strange culture

yes, as i was saying (something about comedy or perfection or politics or something like that), everything is relative to perspective and a lot of other things, for instance, there are even people who think i am funny and at least a couple or few people have thought, at least for some period of time between a moment and a couple of decades, that i was perfect (i apologize for any part i had in the perspective they somehow came to), which is why i carry grains of salt with me wherever i go... and then i was glancing up at the tv and found adorableness in a rather odd place so i looked for some information about the movie the professional and i find a discussion on a body builder message board and because i had no clue what the professional was about so i related to this:

I have no f*cking clue what's going on here.
lmao i laffed so hard at this.

now that might be amusing more or less if you knew (or know) what the film was about but just in case you don't, here is a brief summary that include's the wrier's reaction to the film:

Natalie portman is orphan
Neighbor takes her in, he's hitman/semi retard
natalie falls in love with him
he's like "Wuhhhhh? "
natalie acts like a prostitute
i get boner but feel ashamed

and the entry title thought popped into my head on a few different levels...

other comments from the body builders included:

Who the fck let this fine ass 14 year old play a reverse pedo when she was a kid? Im tripping balls watching it right now, she's begging for sex and talking about her first time and blah blah....shes 14! lol why would they make her say that? hahaha this is crazy.
I am man, therefore I am wrong
I have boner, because I am Man.
Because I have Boner, I am wrong.

of course censors chose to protect the usa by eliminating scenes like this (keep america ignorant) so the us version of the film changes the original story (which itself was a side project to fill time more interesting facts about the film here while waiting for bruce willis to make time for the fifth element which has been in my top ten for fun for a long time which is another tangent), but if you live in the us you are either not aware of the level of censorship you live under or you are reluctantly used seeking international versions of films and stories to get a bigger and truer picture of life (fiction or non-fiction)... by the way, in keeping the language accurate and up to date, the actor portrayed a professional hit man who was intellectually disabled... we can learn so much from tv and the internet...

narf lol :)

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