Saturday, May 16, 2015

softball bats

it is time to buy a new softball bat and while i would rather not spend $300, that's about the right price for a really good bat like Louisville Z-4000 34/30 End Loaded ASA/USSSA or a Miken Izzy Psycho 34/30 End Loaded ASA/USSSA bat... yes, i want a 34 inch 30 ounce end loaded model (and 34/30 end loaded is not easy to find... balanced would be ok too and i'd like other weights too, though i'd prefer the 34/30 end loaded) for my next bat and it must be ASA and USSSA approved since i play in both leagues... i've seen them in the mid-$200 range on sites i am not sure i should buy from and also on ebay... and i'd even buy a Louisville Z-3000 34/30 End Loaded ASA/USSSA or 2015 Miken Ultra 750X 34/30 ASA & USSSA, cheaper here (last year's models) under $200... and i very much want a heavier practice bat (i used to have a 38 ounce bomber but somehow 'lost' it at some field somewhere along with other stuff along the way... i do my best to keep close watch and track of all equipment these days)... there are a few other bats i'd like (the senior bat for instance) and others i'd consider, but not at more than $200 without some serious research and some actual swinging of the bat... the challenge is to find a place (or person) that actually has these bats in these models and weights for me to test swing them cuz buying a $200-$300 bat site unseen and unswung is not the wisest move...

anybody got any ideas?... or bats?... or extra dollars?... yeah, i ain't proud :)

narf :)

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