Sunday, May 31, 2015

more facebook time

someone on facebook found that 29 percent of Louisiana Republicans said Obama was responsible for the Katrina response while monicka lewinski choose thise year to come out of hiding and while she makes excellent points, her credibility would be much stronger for me if she did not try to blow off violating a marriage vow with i fell in love with my boss and skipping the publically apology the boss's wife deserves from her, especially since her timing is potentially screwing her ex-boss's wife for a second time... and then of course i got into all this stupid crap cuz i am a sucker for commenting on the pathetic state of humanity i find too easily on facebook... like do we still wonder why the white man is so easily hated so universally by anyone who is not white?... probably only if you can't see past your white...

still, finding someone like her makes all the other facebook crap worthwhile... the collaboration dream lives, come again :)

ka :)

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all the previous poll votes were somehow erased, so, nevermind... ironically or coincidentally or whatever, the results were very close in practical numbers to the results above shown with just three votes, if you understand the mathematics behind that extrapolative reasoning... i will probably remove the poll at some point... it is a ridiculously useless feature...


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