Thursday, May 14, 2015

and then you keep wondering

do i want to get up again?... or would it be better just to sit here until the end of the end, do you have a friend, who doesn't pretend?... in this world of greed and corruption the heart is the last one to know so afraid of all the pain when people come only to go there is no permanence here just transient fools passing through without clues no big deal what if nothing is real what then, how would you feel?... feel the illusion, feelings are made in your mind anyway... your heart pumps the chemicals your brain needs to come out and play... create what you want to see, who you want to be, there is nothing but you in your way for everything is fantasy if you understand the life your live today... so what if it suddenly ends, others move on maybe sad for a moment or few or even longer but what about you, why should you care, you might be somewhere else or you might be nowhere yeah, maybe nowhere so make it whatever you want it to be, your heaven or hell, torture yourself or set yourself free for whatever you choose it's not win or lose, it is whatever will be... maybe nothing... maybe everything... maybe me... just be...

sometimes i just wanna get away
from the run around race of the working day
sometimes i just want to be somewhere
i don't have to think or feel or care
somewhere i don't have to choose to be
somewhere i can just experience free
can you experience free?

nothing to gain, nothing to lose, your choice so what do you choose?... choose anything or choose not to choose, accept or refuse...

yeah yeah yeah yeah, koo koo ka choose...

narf :)

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