Sunday, May 10, 2015

extra softball, yay

the sunday league is over (last week, and it was a big disappointment as we started out 7-1 giving away that one loss and then finished the second half of the season 1-5 {and that one win needed a ten run come back in the bottom of the seventh with me hitting a grand slam home run to tie it up, but otherwise we stunk it up} dropping from first to fourth tied with three other teams and dropping out of contention to do to the world series, but all in all the team was is no where near ready for any tournament, no less the world series, so whatever), but i played three hours today... two hours of a weak practice with the sunday team (the plan is to go to a tournament in atlanta in two weeks and yet just six people show up for practice today and there's no coach, so it's pretty ridiculous to be spending money to go to out of town tournaments or even to call this team and team, but that's a frustration for another time) and then the old sunday afternoon team (the one jackson and i started many years ago but we decided we had enough of the poor organization in that league) called and asked if i could pitch for them and after four innings it was 11-0 so i gave the other team some meatball pitches and they scored two runs so we played another inning and won 13-2... it was hot out there today, but i still didn't get nearly enough softball...

with a softball yell, he cried more more more :)

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