Friday, May 8, 2015

food for the win!

yeah, so now the battle to not nap begins... i may head out early to watch the game before mine and talk to people at the fields... and maybe get some chocolate... the second order did come when i was just about full and ready to pack up the leftovers from the first order but of course i ate some of it and yummy yum yum, delcious... the subs were hotter than the dinners and if i wasn't starving i'd have a complaint and would have warmed it up, but i was too hungry so i ate and ate and ate... carbs and cheese and tomatoe sauce and carbs and meats and carbs... i would have some more but i don't want to be too bloated or into a carb-coma in 2 hours when i play, so it sits baiting me in front of me until i get up and put it all in the fridge... there's a midnight snack and lunch and dinner for tomorrow... oh so yum... even without the chocolate... but the night's still young, aye?...

snacking is an art form
for foodies in the know
hot or cold or even warm
taste buds enjoy the show
chocolate after parmesean
cherry ice chases it down
energy buzz turns the brain on
smiles replace the hardest frown
sensory seductions
for foodies in the know
flavorful reductions
taste buds savor the show
as the flavors flow

and now it is time to go
softball ho! :)

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