Friday, March 22, 2013

waking happiness

i suppose he woke while i was sleeping but just to be sure i woke happiness and took him for another walk cuz he missed his regularly scheduled walk at the crack of dawn... he is definitely a sad puppy, tail between his legs as if he did something wrong, poor thing... he's at that bottoming out point of missing his mom, third day and waking to find she's not here again... he's a needy dog ordinarily and not very independent, uber social and attention seeking on his most secure days... he's so not used to her not sleeping with him after 13-14 years or almost every night and he instinctively knows he is getting old which seems to make him miss her even more... so i hug and scratch and cuddle and give him another treat and all the good puppy stuff to reassure him that nothing is wrong and it snaps him out of his sadness, but he still sinks back into a funky depression and stays in the bedroom a lot more... he's a dog after all, short attention span and all... not "moving in" to this new space and spending quality time with her here has definitely affected him... after 14 years of everyday life with her, he's not quite home... repeating myself perhaps?... a bit loopy this morning...

meanwhile, i definitely need more sleep... two games scheduled for tonight... a chill in the air 56 degrees right now and supposed to be around 60 tonight and while this would be ideal weather ordinarily, the arm does not like anything below body temperature even though it is getting better every day... anyway, a nap will be good today (hear that happiness?... be good :)

make your day smile, ok? :)

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