Tuesday, March 19, 2013

afternoon fire

fire engine sirens woke me from a budding nap and i looked outside and the building next door was all ablaze... no it wasn't, i just wanted the read all ablaze cuz it sounded fun in my head... i did mention i was strange earlier, remember?... anyway, the building next door had a fire rescuetruck, a regulare fire engine, a hook and ladder fire engine, and a supervisor suv parked out front with lights going round and round... happiness and i watched from our patio (or porch, for you northerners) for a bit and naturally he begged to go out since we were sniffing the outdoor air and we went for a walk... by the time we got back the engines were all gone and we didn't smell any smoke or see any evidence of smashed windows, doors, or water so it was apparently a false alarm or burnt toast setting off an alarm or something like that... hopefully it wasn't faulty wiring suggesting the place is a death trap...

i jest, of course... mostly :)

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