Monday, March 18, 2013

photo shoot

harpo had me over for a photo shoot today... he does some online modelling and asked me to take the photos... luckily, he knows me well enough to call and wake me... he called yesterday and i was in the middle of something and his phone was busy when i called back and he called earlier this morning and i was asleep and he called again about 1pm and i was still asleep but figured it was time to wake up so i answered and he reminded me that the photo shoot he asked for was at 1pm today so i showered and headed over and we took something like five hundred photos and he will review and edit and select and put them on his site and he thanked me and even paid me, which was seriously cool, though a little awkward cuz i do not like taking money from a friend for doing him a favor but he insisted and said he makes more from his site and wants me to do it again... i love photography and he set up a tripod so i didn't have to use my right arm and he appreciated all the direction and advice and ideas i was giving him...

home again and relaxing with happiness, who is back home cuz jackson dropped him off while i was at harpo's... not sure if she is coming back here tonight or staying at sanford's as she usually stays at sanford's monday and tuesday nights... anyway, it's a good day so far... hope yours is too :)

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