Tuesday, March 26, 2013

wakey achy

it would have been sweet to just zombie from the recliner to bed and sleep through the night, but i woke and walked happiness instead because he had not been out since dinner about 6-7 hours ago and i did not want him feeling ill or having an accident or worse... he is getting old, after all... but night walks with him are an adventure when jackson isn't home and i am not in sleep-mode now... he pulled off the leash and refused to come inside, almost got hit by a car again... he expects her to drive up and come home and go to bed with him and runs toward any car that drives up... so he stands in the middle of street and watching a car drive up to him while i am trying not to get hit as i wave the car down in the dark (very dark, little or no street lights)... i am going to have to ask jackson for his other leash because this one does not stay snug and i don't want the old dog dying while he is in my care... sudden yanks on the arm do not help either... so that, the walk, and the cold has me aching and awake... adrenaline... what now... grump grump... dang pain in the neck... i mean actual pain, not happiness :}

stress, fatigue, cold, a lethal combination... how shower then lay down?...

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