Monday, March 25, 2013

ring ring

that's the phone reminding me i have a task to do with harpo at 1pm at his house so get up, get out, carry out the plan... actually harpo called two hours ago or so to remind me, but i fell back to sleep sort of... being nocturnal definitely does not help a body get enough sleep when still trying to stay in touch and do things with the normal world... not that harpo is normal, but that's beside the point... anyway, heading out to help harpo with a project and then, home to enjoy this life of leisure yet another day...

i wonder if my semi-retirement bugs those who have to work every day... alas, it won't last forever (unless i win the lottery that i almost never play or i am adopted by a rich person who wants me to retire because they love me and retiring is something old people do... hey, i'll let someone call me old if it means they will pay for my retirement, ya know?... ah, laughter out the door now :)

make today a day full of laughter :)

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