Friday, March 22, 2013

HTML5 and coding music

it took a few hours, but i believe i have coding for at least IE and Chrome set for music (playing an mp3 file) in these blog posts... with every change and new browser it seems to become a challenge to put the right code in the get a player to show up, play a song, and not autoplay the song... who knows how many of the thousands of posts prior to today have songs that won't play or links that won't work because they are always "improving" things... at least the new "audio" tag seems simple enough, but it's not working in Firefox so that ought to be strike three for Firefox (which is what i have been using for the past couple of months in an attempt to see if it is better than Chrome or IE)... Firefox shows the music player for a moment and then it disappears... it also does not handle mp3 files, which is inconvenient... Chrome would not play music and seemed slow, which is one reason i switched... but Firefox is proving just as slow in similar circumstances and it has a few other issues... this last one is enough for me to give IE a shot again... i haven't used it in at least a year, maybe more, but... maybe i'll go back to Chrome as it seems to be playing music now with the "audio" tag... it seemed to have an issue with the "embed" tag...

we just want to share, but changing languages (HTML codes) make it so much more challenging than it needs to be... why humans ever chose to develop hundreds of languages is another sign of the folly of the human mind... but anyway, the music i hear is still ever so sweet (and personal... and i noticed another song i did not notice before and so i downloaded all the songs and will burn a cd one of these days... only one song couldn't be found, and go figure, it's alabama boy by alice peacock... anyway, and i hope you can hear it too... and i hope you enjoy the songs :)

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