Friday, March 29, 2013

broken sleep

the arm is getting better, but these cold nights and days make for pain no matter how i seem to position the arm... only sitting in the recliner or propped up on the couch seems to work to keep the pain at bay... laying in bed there seems to be no comfortable position... it doesn't help that the bedroom is 5-10 degrees colder than the rest of the house... poorly insulated drafty windows lets the 40 degree night air in and no direct sunlight keeps the room chilled... should work great in the summer, but this has been one of the coldest winters i can remember... of course, timing is everything... so i slept but woke every hour or so due to the arm, went to the bathroom, drank a little water, then returned to bed... the moving around helps relive the acute pain that wakes me... definitely have felt more rested... nose is all clogged too as sinuses react to the chill in the body... even with sweats on... phone says it is 70 degrees outside,... thermostat says it's 69 degrees in the living room... don't have a portable thermometer but bedroom feel about 60... arm hurts a whole lot less when i am not laying down and keeping it still... seems the injury has opened the door for more lingering or even permanent inflammation (always knew this was coming eventually due to the extensive (sometimes painful) writing i've done, especially during my early years)... someday when i have a job and health insurance again i'll get it all checked out... if i am still alive then :)

oh come on, it's only life with constant nagging occasionally debilitating pain :)

obnoxious, aren't i? (smirking all the way :)

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