Monday, March 25, 2013

relaxing home

fun playing words with friends with jackson and cuz i like playing it close (she's never beaten me and i feel bad, so i leave openings and keep the score close and giving her chances to find more points near the end, but not to just let her win i always try to find the way out to win) , she finally got me cuz i got stuck with two u letters as my last two letters and i could only get rid of one and we were tied so instead of taking her points and winning, i passed twice and she won... yay for jackson, dumb u lol... then she went to bed after starting another words with friends game... this one i shall play without mercy and see how different the score is at the end (she is getting a lot better :)

and then there was the usf-cal game... unfortunately, she missed the end, but it was fun... cal gave the game away in the last minute and let usf force overtime, but then in the first minute of overtime the referee intervened and called a ridiculous foul that was clearly not a foul (the announcers had the guts to say so, which is rare) removing the usf center (fouling out on a bogus foul is the worst king of referee bias) giving cal a huge advantage (and two points as the foul shots were made and it would have been usf ball) and cal won by three points... it is sad that so many of the tournament games were influenced by very bad biased calls during the last minute of games... calls that could and should be reviewable because within thirty seconds the video showed us how bad the call was...

dinner was yummy... we shared cream of mushroom soup and then i had my leftovers from yesterday's fast food pig-out and she had whole wheat pasta with sung-dried tomato sauce... and then the games and then she went to bed and now, syfy monday for me... so what's up with you out there tonight? (i'll just keep asking cuz that's what i do :)

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