Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the power of linkage (and then some)

and so many thoughts from so much readings and we might as well be vril, aye?... what?... vril, not avril, dummy... that invisible limitless confidence, charisma, the energy of believing you know the secrets of the universe silently expressing the embodiment of innocence (shhhh, now you're telling secrets) boo!

ah, but as with any potentially powerful idea and energy (what?, when the paranoid and delusional among us try to grasp it, they have no clue of what to do and therefore fear the unknown and their own ignorance and use aggression to try to possess and control the idea of the energy and power of understanding they fail to attain due to their fear (yes, they are caught in a vicious cycle and are to be pitied, but also to be prevented from becoming too aggressive as they will destroy and kill... too much of the fear and ignorance and we're left with sad or angry or confused or confusing wlf cryers or humorless psychopaths, even, puking soft vitriol and disgorging esoterrhea and as the church lady would say, isn't that special...

and then they saw in the eyes of a fool all the wisdom of the ages or was it indigestion, but you have to go way back (or way out) to grasp the significance of the madness of the...


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