Monday, February 4, 2013

long night

we went out for a long walk, happiness and me, more than an hour... he just wanted to stay outside and not come back inside... before we went out he threw up and did not look good, but he went to the kitchen linoleum instead of throwing up on the carpet and i gave him lots of praise for that... i took him out and it was cool outside, 45 degrees or so, so i came back in to put on shoes and a long sleeve sweatshirt and we went out for a longer walk... he kept wanting to pee and had no pee to pee (if he could, he would mark every square foot for miles as his territory) and was dripping blood more than usual... we came back in twice and he was dripping blood on the floor so we went back out again... he just wanted to keep walking which might point to kidney or abdominal pains... after about 40 more minutes he finally pooped and we kept walking a while longer at his request... and we came back in a few minutes ago and jackson is just waking for her day and i am ready to sleep...

this is not the sleep i was referring to in recent days, ya know? :}

love, nurture, narf :)

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