Tuesday, January 15, 2013

oddly interesting stat

i have no clue why you came here, but odds are... neither do you :)

here!... here!... ye too!... this one is on repeat, so click and see why why?

what?... so for some reason, while i slept, filling in the blanks was visited 10 times... the entries average 3-6 visits recently since the robots stopped visiting (must talk to bender about that cuz the average was 12-15 when they were fans), typically, was it the title?... the mention of syfy or the specific shows mentioned? (let's see, continuum, being human, lost girl, ncis, criminal minds, bones was what i watched, or at least had on in the background, yesterday... who knows)... anyway, welcome whomever or whatever you may be... do you love music too?... listen with me while you read and even better share what moves you and tell me what you think and feel :)

ah, life, the omniverse, and almost everything, aye?... it's all as superficial as we wanna be... but then the fact is (if you know) miracles can happen when truth and hope are the foundations of your faith... yeah...

the US, Germany, Romania, Russia, and the UK were the places visitors came from overnight (in that order of frequency)... isn't teleportation wonderful?... or time travel, even... not to mention moments of brilliance... anyway, yesterday Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Canada, and France visited in addition to the other five countries... Ireland and Malaysia were around this week and month as well... Israel, Bali, Sweden, Iran, Japan, Latvia, Greece, Poland, Australia, Egypt, New Zealand, Italy, Columbia, and Azerbaijan too, perhaps... never can tell who might pop up next... others were too, but the stats only provide the top ten in number of visits... i wonder if Mila was here lol lam narf? :)

sometimes stats are oddly interesting and life is just silly, ya know? :)

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