Tuesday, January 29, 2013

moving changes

thanks to jackson reminding me, i started making more of the changes for the move today... besides unpacking, i mean... like the addresses for the insurance companies... all done for the renter's and the car insurance... and my car insurance went down $95 a year, yay... renter's insurance stays the same all over the state cuz it's partly a scam, but it's part of the leasing contract that we have it... need to change the address with the post office too... and over the next few months, decide on whether i am closing the PO box i've had for about thirteen years or more... and ok, i changed the address with the post office... i think... since i get mail under a lot of names and rarely use my residential address, it's confusing to change online as you must enter one name, but hopefully it won't matter... it's the po box that matters and i'll change that before it expires in august... so what else?... enough for now... i have not slept since yesterday about 6am so it's time to let the brain vege and eat some food... only had a small piece of leftover pizza so far today... yes, i know this is one of the exciting entries... here are three entries you might find more amusing (if you have a warped mind, perhaps)... oh seriously, you know you come here because you love my nonsense... snarkle :)

bzzzzt, pfffft ... what nap? ... oh no you dih-ent

hope your day is productive and fun too :)

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