Sunday, June 17, 2012

sunday night cycles

jackson's friend left and jackson has work to do, so she went out to get some code red and i never say no to code red, usually, and so yum and the kit kats are yum too... yum two too... and so the nodding off i was doing an hour ago is likely to turn into a buzz an hour from now and that is the typical sunday night around here since jackson came back and i wouldn't have it any other way cuz i craved the social life while she was gone and didn't get any more sleep than i do now, i think... you can check all the previous entries if you have the time and get back to me... and if you did, omg, would i want you here for a huge hug (and a few other chores, nyuk nyuk, oh come on :)

seriously, strangers get unconditional love and crazy generosity from me, just imagine what someone who actually loves me gets... and on that note, we shall watch the nba playoffs and the cubs game (did i mention jackson is a die-hard cubbies fan?... i know, poor baby) and eat a bit of late dinner and enjoy each other's company... sleep later, play now :)

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