Friday, June 8, 2012

of course wired

maybe even cross wired... the show was good... the music and lyrics still amazing... i am getting past the disappointment and letting go of the comparisons to the original broadway production that blew me away and so impressed me once upon a time... this road show was much smaller, just six in the chorus, and definitely toned down for a mass market... the whole production was shrunk from full blow glamorous sexy musical to a scaled down talkie show with songs that seems geared for a straight audience and way too sensitive to homophobic tendencies... that was very disappointing... and george hamilton, eh, weak voice that made it challenging to clearly hear the wonderful lyrics he spoke more than sung and mostly still posturing as he never was much of an actor... gene barry was a shock in the original, but he carried it off much much better... and this new albin is good, at times very good, but not george hearns... all in all, wonderful theatre but disappointing for the casting and much more for the shrinking and straightening up...

but it's still live theatre as big as it gets around here so yay and yeah, still wired :)

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