Sunday, June 3, 2012

so not a morning person

being so not a morning person, i decided not to adopt a dog in this life (except once when a friend kinda begged and i was not working and semi-planned on continuing an early retirement)... so happiness woke me because his biological clock is set to pee shortly after sunrise which is why i sleep in the living room when jackson is away or else he might get sick if i sleep past noon which is my preference on weekends... and of course i did not get enough sleep, but having to hop outside and maintain balance while happiness bolted around (he only had me almost down twice today... once as i was trying to close the door and once when i reached the lawn), i am now a bit more awake than i'd like and need to wait for the foot to calm down before sleep will come again... poor happiness still thinks he's done something wrong cuz i don't play with him and run around with him the way i usually do... dog brains are so temporary, so in the moment (so much like me sometimes when i am free of responsibilities, but i have a bit more memory space i suppose)... six weeks of no walking and hobbling on crutches and he still expects me to run out and he's still afraid of the crutches even with jackson being away almost every weekend since the foot... poor old puppy...

good morning? :}

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