Tuesday, July 21, 2015

why don't we sleep

more nights than not i could ponder this question but many nights i don't because i am nocturnal and love the way my mind wanders through the night as if the silence and darkness is a drug stimulating my thoughts and emotions into words that express who i am and so much more like literary paintings of imaginary worlds and stories and adventures and philosophical ponderings too... has this ever happened or occurred or queries in you?...

why don't we sleep
just for the comfort
and if stimulation
comes when we are deep
in our dreams
we can share it in
honest innocence
and if not then not
and that is fine
for comfort without sex
can still be devine
so why don't we sleep
just for the comfort
why don't we sleep
so we're not alone

what is that i wrote somewhere down below near the bottom line?... given the choice, i'd share the night with someone rather than spend the night writing... but alone, i'd spend the night writing rather than sleeping alone... seriously, as if the obvious eludes us (always possible, if you are not paying attention)... yes, you can see the answers down there near the bottom line... if you want to... from the beginning and before (online, here, at least)... did you ever notice anything? at all?... there is so much random deepness in (e)thereal disclosures, nocturnal emmissions, the truth and the whole truth, all for your visions if you care to see it's all here... are you really there?... are you are you are you, anywhere?...

chances are...

narf :)

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