Friday, July 3, 2015

the best roommates shop for you

the bestest roommates of all shop for you when you have sudden cravings and are too lazy to shower and dress and go out for yourself because you are enjoying an impromptu day off lol... yes, so jackson is on her way home from a morning meeting and i proposed breakfast but then remembered she had a lunch date and it's almost lunch time so i said nevermind but she asked if she could pick something up for me and i said ok, thinking (i was thinking breakfast deli or eggplant parm) and she keep it simple and i said thinking faster and she said you have time to think cuz i am stopping at the supermarket and i exploded with stuff on a list that went something like this: eggplant parm, mozzerella cheese, soft hero bread, smoked fish spread, cheese spread, nova smoked salmon, sweet cole slaw, onion roll, chocolate chip or keebler fudge stick cookies, big red tomato, onion mushroom asiago flatbread, chocolate milk... not exactly simple, huh?... well, she said she will do her best... actually, what she said was "i 'm doing my best. you'll end up with whatever i get."... she is much more to the point than i am... living with a babbler cannot be an easy thing to do, i suppose... sometimes all we can do is hope for the best...

so what else is new? :)

narf :)

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