Friday, July 31, 2015

minus the caffeine

yes, well, the previous entry only proves that overeating with much sugar does not always lead to manic ranting or high energy activity, especially not after a long stress-filled work week... no, all that food and sugar needs another ingredient to assure the manic and that ingredient is caffeine, so sans caffeine, sleep comes naturally...

when it's time to die
send me on a sugar high
some pot and ecstasy
capped off with some lsd

and if the drugs can't make it
that's alright... i can take it
just fill me with chocolate
say farewell but not goodbye

when it's time to die
just send me on a sugar high

it's a lonely thing that keeps me awake now... maybe... some people turn to alcohol, many people do, actually... others turn to other drugs... i choose foods that turn me on... mind and body escape into the sensations that foods can bring... maybe you heard (or read) that before... if it's getting old, it's only cuz i've been doing it for a long long time... cuz i've been alone for a long long time... do you remember a long long time?... sometimes i'd like to forget, but i have not forgotten yet, though moments of bliss i miss, sometimes i regret, whatever it was, whatever it means, i seldom remember my dreams... no worries down deep, someday i will sleep, alone i will write, long into the night, i will be alright, i will be alright, and i am alright... alone but alright...

and narf :)

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