Sunday, April 27, 2014

myspace saves itself

some time last year i went to myspace to check on my music mixes because the links to my music mixes were not working and i found they did a complete makeover to the site that included breaking all of the links to my music mixes and my blog and worse, they had none of my music mixes or blog or anything from my old profile on "my" myspace... they also decided to start posting my full name... idiots... after days of reading and searching their help pages, i found that i might be able to salvage my music mixes, but the they were not allowing access to the blogs... i left hating myspace and didn't revisit until today, close to a year later... and today i found, after a whole lot of searching around, that they might be allowing a download of the old blog... i clicked on the link that said 'ask for your old blog' and i now will wait as the page said it might take 72 hours for the transfer... meanwhile, i have been enjoying my music mixes, so there is that... give me back my blog and i might be sharing myspace links more often... and visiting, even... i still have, according to them, 5.6K friends there (right)...

love songs and other anomolies from ric candor on Myspace.

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all the previous poll votes were somehow erased, so, nevermind... ironically or coincidentally or whatever, the results were very close in practical numbers to the results above shown with just three votes, if you understand the mathematics behind that extrapolative reasoning... i will probably remove the poll at some point... it is a ridiculously useless feature...


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