Saturday, January 4, 2014

online apartment ratings

about that website apartment ratings... it is a place where people who live in renatal communities can let the internet know what they think about the apartment community and all that goes into it, management, maintenance, grounds, safety, parking, and so on... there are major flaws to the rating system on the site... they allow anonymous ratings, which can be one person repeatedly rating a place poorly just because they have a bone to pick - or even a competitor rating other communities in the same neighborhood poorly and rating their own property highly... it is too simple to do to think it is not done for the benefit to the profit it can bring... so i offered this suggestion to the site:

Change the ratings system to three different ratings, Separate "Anonymous Ratings" from "Raters who will not allow contact" from "Raters who will allow contact" The third rating will likely be a lot more credible. You can create three levels of Users "Anonymous Users" and "Hidden Users" and "Verified Users" if you allow those users who wish to verify their address with you to do so. That last group will be add legitimacy and credibility to your site.

we shall see if they take the suggestion, and their ratings, seriously...

narf :)

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