Friday, January 17, 2014

and now, later

and the kaspersky still will not update the databases even though i shut down and restarted the laptop and i spent the past hours following all the instructions in the program and on the support website and i finally sent in a support ticket for whenever that's worth and then i updated windows vista and that is continuing (i had to press the power button because the shut down froze for twenty minutes) and kaspersky did not shut down properly and the computer has been a real time-wasting pain in the ass tonight... here's the kaspersky report:

I followed all the instructions on the fast track that lead me to this: "Contact Support" page. I followed all the instructions on this page prior to initiating this support ticket. All scans found no threats. I've changed nothing on this computer in the past week. On Jan 10, 2014 the automatic database updates stopped. The Kaspersky Pure 3.0 software warned me that databases were out of date. I tried manually updating. The software connects, gets to anywhere from 2-15% and then stops. It appears to disconnect from the server. I sent a service report to you tonight. The databases are not updated. I've tried everything suggested on your site and worked on this for about three hours over the past three days, no change except doubling the cost of this product for me. I created a system report however the "view report" link remains greyed out. I found an old system info file by searching for it, but now the one created just now. I found a GetSystemInfo exe file and ran that. I am trying windows update now, but it requires I restart so I am sending this prior to restarting. I just want my databases to update automatically as they have for years and I did nothing to change or stop the process.

in case you are curious or have time to waste along with me... that was before the shut down freeze and program crash... so kaspersky has several system reports as i sent yet another after the computer rebooted... and windows update is still trying to download updates...

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