Sunday, January 5, 2014

i did not mean to get lost

here, read this, them remember the title here and continue cuz i may not have actually been lost, mostly likely not, though i may have appeared lost in the absence of words here in this blog... if you wandered back more than once and were concerned about the lack of updates, i hope the silence did not cause you too much stress (a little stress is good)... i am working many hours a week these days, developing systems, organizing communications, and teaching my team the skills they need to do what they want to do... they asked for more structure, communication, and organization and that is what they are getting... it just takes a lot of time to learn exactly what sort of structure and organization is best for them and processes that optimize the operation and to communicate that to all in a way they feel understand, appreciate, and are motivated (and excited, even) to buy into... if there were only three of me and forty-two hours in a day, life would be much more fun :)

it is so very rewarding though, for me personally as i love to give and be appreciated and i am giving all i've got and finding much appreciation from many... and professionally my leadership is proving successful so far, so it's a win win even if it's draining me of time and energy for the moment...

my love of writing and sharing with you will bring me back here (or to some writing space), no worries... i mean, for those of you who miss me, i salute you (or something like that :)

narf? :)

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