Monday, January 20, 2014

laughing all the way narf

life is much better with a giggle and a smile... and of course, perspective is everything... for instance, a previous entry raved on about music sharing and music lists and that leads to best lists of favorites and top 100s and judgments of quality, worth, popularity, and so on and without looking at the context and pool of information and people involved in a project, the list becomes quite potentially meaningless... for instance, when looking for a list of top 100 bands of all time, would you expect to see one direction at the top of that list?... yeah, audience matters when viewing popularity lists... ignorance keeps a page from being what it is... top 100 bands of all time as counted by page hits on this particular website who's audience is predominantly made up of people who have no insight into what all-time means seems like a much more accurate title for the particular example chosen to demonstrate the adage perspective is everything, not to mention life is much better with a giggle and a smile, aye?...




narf :)

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If people had visible signs or meters that told something about them, what would you want it to tell you?

dumb poll (above), smart responders

all the previous poll votes were somehow erased, so, nevermind... ironically or coincidentally or whatever, the results were very close in practical numbers to the results above shown with just three votes, if you understand the mathematics behind that extrapolative reasoning... i will probably remove the poll at some point... it is a ridiculously useless feature...


the thing is, with my tendency to babble and meander and whine and allow distraction to take the lead more often than not, even in this blog that sort of meant to merge brevity with focus like some bloggers do, searching for key words does not always lead to specific information about the subject of that key word... but... here is a start at an easy way to search for key words in this blog... use the search box at the top of the blog to search for words not listed here... if ya wanna, that is... and feel free to suggest words to add to this search shortcut section... click on the words below :)

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