Friday, July 26, 2013

weirdness is reality

and as if we are alive too... ah, so what else is new?... yes, reality, aye?... well, we'll get on with this entry eventually i suppose... until we do, in thinks within links within links, at least, here is an important message from our sponsors (as if alfred hitchcock was introducing us, aye?)... meanwhile, whatever we were up to before, everything is so sweet and pure and stable and wonderfully perfect in fantasy... unless that isn't you fantasy, but that's beside the point (mostly)... actually, my fantasies are rather weird, come to think of it, but that too is beside the point (i think)... the point (as if there was one), is something about life being weird when awareness sweeps consciousness into reality... yup, that's it... whatever it is... part of the weirdness is realizing how intensely (and dramatically) most people take certain things seriously... like reputation or money, for two things... as if the opinions other people should have some profound effect on who one is (and as if one can change who they are based on what others want)... and the whole emotional and psychological dependency on money is a delusion and an addiction worth of a full chapter of diagnostic criteria in the latest dsm manual... of course the idea of labeling and sorting people and personalities and behaviors is just another weirdness of this culture that seems to need the illusion of control that allows denial of dependency and addition so the pretentious drama and incongruent seriousness is at least deemed acceptable, often completely justified, and sometimes just overlooked... the fragility of the human ego and insecurity of the human personality is sad...

and the laugh here is that if i was wrong about any of this or anything i would welcome the discussion that would enlighten me to the variety of perspectives that could be right... competitive activity can be fun, but turning every situation into a competition is ridiculous and not fun for me... it is just another way to push others away and hide insecurity... but it's weird to say that in public to someone, so i don't do it all the time cuz i do not want to be weird or push people away all the time... sometimes i choose silence..

narf :)

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