Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a few cyber moments

spent a few moments (ok, more like an hour) on facebopok and related pages (cuz facebook is not a place to hang out for me, it is like grand central station, a step off point, a place to find other places to go and read and listen and experience)... now i am letting the computer download several audio books i found on youtube by clicking on a facebook link... and also some other stuff... it'll take a while, since there are several gigabytes of books and stuff to download in the cue of my downloading software... someday i will put them on a flash drive or cd and listen while walking, jogging, or driving somewhere or while just laying outside with the laptop as i was doing before i stopped back in for a cool drink cuz the beautiful sunshine had me the body drying out and overheating just a bit... not anything like i overheat playing softball in the heat, just time for a cooling down break and cool drink and to check on this cyber world that has so much more to offer than tv... like dustin hoffman's insight on women...

not everything is as moving for me as that, but here are the things i glanced at, listened to, or actually read in the past hour or however long it's been (some of you might remember when i did this often in a blog, that is, listing the sites i visited during a day.. i've not done it for many months, but still have stacks of links that someday may be uploaded there... in any case, here are a few from today)...

douglas adam tribute
towel day
douglas adams tribute
water paraody
history lies
dustin hoffman on tootsie
femal inmates sterilized in calif
universal healthcare around the world
uses for corporate propaganda
texas is sad
uses for marijuana
paranoia or farting joke?
hatred wins as empires fall
pot study
golden corral garbage
florida control freaks restrict computer access to the poor
douglas adams fan fiction

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