Tuesday, February 11, 2014

the new car

i wrote to toyota about the new car for a few reasons... instead of sleeping... yeah, fool i be, but these things were on my mind and i didn't think of them today at work... in case you want to know, this is what i wrote to toyota:

First I want to say that Sylvester Cole is an exemplary representative of Toyota and provided me with outstanding sales experience and follow-up. I will be calling him tomorrow in regard to these questions, but I also wanted to ask here in case I don't have time to call.

1a. Does my 2014 Toyota Corolla S Plus need any specific actions or driving style in order to optimize the engine, transmission, brakes, and other mechanical parts?

1b. I am planning a trip of several hundred miles and my Corolla has 250 miles on it. Should I use another car to make the trip or modify my driving (speed, RPMs, etc) in any way?

2. I have seen 22.5 mph for the first 250 miles in mixed city/highway conditions with minimal traffic. I am driving so that the "ECO" indicator is is almost always on. I have used the air-conditioner or heat (i am still learning the "auto" feature) about 50% of the driving time. I am concerned that the mpg is so low. Is this common for a brand new Corolla S Plus?

In the past few months I have rented a Nissan Altima, VW Jetta Wagon, Mazda 6, and Honda Civic. With each I drive the same way I am driving my new Corrolla and found at least an average of 29-31 mpg with mixes city/highway driving.

Thank you for your time and answers. Feel free to respond by email or call.

hopefully i will get an answer before we leave on friday...

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