Thursday, December 5, 2013

did i write that?

Jesse, many people have been conditioned to expect to be bailed out by the government - including corrupt corporations and many running those corporations, some of whom break the law without a second thought. Personally, I do not believe in a welfare state. The trouble with the knee jerk reaction to hate ideas based on superficial knowledge and ignorance is that good ideas are rejected based on that ignorance. Socialism brings many great ideas to the table - ideas that balance the greed that is at the heart of pure capitalism. My point in my comments is to suggest no idea should be thrown out without understanding the idea.

There was a time when most people lived under Kings. Those Kings had no rules restricting them from taking anything they wanted from people. People were little more than servants, serfs, or slaves. The current system of capitalism in the USA is approaching that level of disparity. How many of us can imagine actually living on $250 a week. That is about minimum wage after taxes. Meanwhile a very small percentage of people earn a hundred times more than that. Those in power do not set prices fairly in any industry and keep most workers powerless to do much more than struggle through their lives working two jobs and sharing habitation to survive.

Eventually, such economic disparity as we have in the USA today becomes too much for people to bear and a revolution happens or the society crumbles. History shows us many examples of this. There must be a balance for a civilization to survive. Socialism brings a philosophy that offers some ideas to create a balance that can sustain a society. It is not the idea of a free lunch or handout, it is the idea that people should get a fair share from the products of their labor.

it could be a sign of what happens when i wander away from my little bubble into the big bad world out there, or facebook, and then start thinking about stuff, but maybe it's just a matter of channeling like seth or jesus or some fat guy sitting with his legs crossed and a big smile on his face or something like that...

here comes the sun, la dee da dah (and it's alright :)

narf :)

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