Saturday, October 6, 2012

russian girlfriend

yes, i know, i have not teased myself about my russian girlfriend in weeks, probably (who's keeping track?... and what stats would you be using cuz the google analytic stats are seriously confusing and illogical and so on, or off, to be more precise), but the fact remains that the google stats tell me that more people visit from russia than any other country so Здравствуйте, мои русские друзья ... Я надеюсь, вы найдете и создать больше улыбок сегодня :)

blame google translate if that makes no sense... from another perspective, just cuz you need to know, ya know, libbo ranks mila kunis and milla jovovich as two of the five most attractive humans on the planet at this time... i know, they are technically ukranian born, but milla is Montenegrin / Russian / Ukrainian or Serbian-Russian biologically depending on what articles you've read and mila is a bit more of a mystery and jewish, for that matter, but we are just as fascinated by all this, no doubt... libbo says i should mention natalie portman, the deschanel sisters, neve campbell, natalie wood, alanis morissette, melania safka, janeane garofalo, anna paquin, laura harris, and dia frampton, just to round out the top ten or so and show that libbo is not narrow minded as we think he is... libbo wants me to masturbate now...

if this was not tmi, у вас есть открытый ум и хорошее чувство юмора lol lam laa :)

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