Saturday, August 22, 2015

softball series 2015 (another recap, or lament lol)

well, the week-long nagaaa softball world series for 2015 is done and a florida team (tampa bay pitch slap) won the d division where the more recreational-level and some of us old guys play... i played b level for a season or two a few years ago and c level before that but the speed and competitiveness and aggressiveness of that level is not what i am looking for out of softball anymore so i returned to d and accept (mostly) the errors and sloppiness that comes with d-level play... we finished a respectable 6th out of 54 teams... considering we had just ten players and most were limited by injury (three prior to coming did not practice for a couple of months and a few more got hurt pushing themselves in the series... none were used to playing a couple of games every day for a week), stamina (definitely just a few in good shape), age (half over fifty, average age probably around 45), and skill level of half the players is weak so to finish 6th out of 54 is great... we also finished higher than any other orlando team and considering two of them were defending champions and all were much better than us, that is completely unexpected... add the fact that our best player (by very far... shortstop and best bat by a whole lot) left friday and we had to play with nine players after that and it is amazing...

ego food, fun, yummy tummy food, woderful week, wish you were here :)

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