Sunday, September 6, 2015

it was yesterday

so i woke up today after about twelve hours of somewhat broken sleep still feeling more refreshed than i have in months and i checked my phone and responded to some work texts and emails and then i wandered into my personal emails and found nothing exciting (or personal) and then the looking around at the momentary reality and the big picture reality and thinking happened... yeah, that again... jackson would be rolling her eyes and then who knows... most people instantly go into fight or flight mode... anyway, some seriously revealing seriousness might have emerged if it is uploaded somewhere and you can find it (and that's not it though it might be linked within it cuz otherwise it is akin to the tree that falls in the forest that nobody hears if you know that old story... oh sure, someone might stumble across it someday when it is home to all sorts of woodland creatures and critters and mossy stuffs, but only then might it exist in another form, not as the tree it is today, whenever that is or was... as much as it can be it or the this or that, yeah yeah yeah yeah, but that's a horse from a different feather so so let's tickle elmo later and focus on whatever it was we came here to say)... lost?... might as well watch the day of the doctor and forget the whole thing ever happened, or something like that...

narf :)

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