Tuesday, September 24, 2013

up all night (again)

and then, went with jackson to get happiness into the vet... $200 later, he had his senior bloodwork, pills for worms, a urine check, some cans of food, and heartguard for six months... someday i will win the lottery and the universe will balance my check book, right? lol... and after getting home it was time to shop and almost $200 later we have more food in the house, though much was walked by in some almost futile attempt to moderate the food budget... and after getting home and putting away the food, we ate pizza and jackson went to work and the cable guy came... i believe i got the best brighthouse can offer and even the technician himself said there is better hardware on the market that can help with the dropped signal problem that probably will never go away... though lots of changes to settings may have helped some... hopefully a lot... instead of adding new complaint entries i've just updated this one again, i mean, in case you are interested in the brighthouse saga... and then, after the cable tech left, it was time to empty shows from the dvr so i am watching the outer limits (in spite of the sometimes heavy religious influences)... and happiness is napping... and i may fall out soon too...

how are you? :)

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