Friday, October 8, 2010

whatever, aye?

i mean, like, whatever... yeah, i finally sort of updated the primary entry page to my web world (since att deleted the main gate and front door and window and so many other pages, the house crumbles, but the heart remains... and att sucks), yes, the back door has a semi-new coat of paint... the code is not perfect and will change with every screen size smaller than a 15 inch monitor, but it's new and hopefully improved and fortified with ironic explanations of what the world wide web is about for me, personally, as a writing addict... yeah, i know, you may not have noticed, but i am rather addicted to writing... so maybe now someone will find my heart within the crumbled wreckage of deleted pages that was once my home on the web and we'll fall in love and live happilly ever after... wouldn't it be nice? :)

so me and craig and louie anderson enjoy a late night snack waiting for the one to stumble by the world of words and find the secret truth buried within... it's not a broken record, it's just my favorite song on endless repeat, nyuk nyuk, narf :)

make it a wonderful tonight (and day... queue a few old songs and dream a little dream of me)... nite nite :)

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