Sunday, September 7, 2014

fantasy football again

it was a tough year for the fantasy football drafts... personally, i am not a fan of either of my teams as i don't have any of my favorite players, but i do have the Seattle defence in both leagues... i ended up with the 12th pick in one that we;ve been doing for a few years (i won it once, jackson won it once, so we do pretty well in it though the others are good at it too)... that left me with:

QB Nick Foles, Tony Romo
WR Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, Julian Edelman, Mike Wallace, Eric Decker, Cecil Shorts III
RB Eddie Lacy, LeVeon Bell, Zach Stacy, Ray Rice, Stephen Jackson
TE Jimmy Graham
K Phil Dawson
DEF Seattle

and in the other league i picked fifth and ended up with:
QB Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer
WR Demarius Thomas, Andre Johnson, T.Y. Hilton, Hakeem Nicks, Rueben Randle, Aaron Dobson, Doug Baldwin
RB Doug Martin, Frank Gore, Steven Ridley, Andre Williams
TE Jordon Cameron
K Dan Bailey
DEF Seattle

this is how my round by round picks looked in this league where i picked 5th...
1. (5) Eddie Lacy RB
2. (12) Jimmy Graham TE
3. (21) Julio Jones WR
4. (28) Zac Stacy RB
5. (37) Le'Veon Bell RB
6. (44) Larry Fitzgerald WR
7. (53) Seattle DEF
8. (60) Nick Foles QB
9. (69) Julian Edelman WR
10. (76) Mike Wallace WR
11. (85) Ray Rice RB
12. (92) Tony Romo QB
13. (101) Steven Jackson RB
14. (108) Eric Decker WR
15. (117) Phil Dawson K
16. (124) Cecil Shorts III WR

and this is how the round by round picks looked in the league where i picked 12th...
12 Doug Martin, TB RB
13 Demaryius Thomas, Den WR
36 Andre Johnson, Hou WR
37 Frank Gore, SF RB
60 T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR
61 Seahawks D/ST D/ST
84 Jordan Cameron, Cle TE
85 Hakeem Nicks, Ind WR
108 Stevan Ridley, NE RB
109 Jay Cutler, Chi QB
132 Rueben Randle, NYG WR
133 Dan Bailey, Dal K
156 Aaron Dobson, NE WR
157 Carson Palmer, Ari QB
180 Doug Baldwin, Sea WR
181 Andre Williams, NYG RB

and as if that was not enough, the yahoo league provides this semi-detailed semi-generic but still interesting and amusing read as a review of my draft, a draft scorecard... and yes, the commissioner called the league London Silly Nannies so yes, i named my team appropriately for the theme of the league... as for the draft report card, they think i did better than i did (they gave me an "A" score, the only team to get an "A"... they gave one A- (the commish got that) and one B+ {the guy i play the first week got that), two B's, one C, one C+ {jackson got that}, and a D), so there's hope for a championship, maybe :)

Led by a Quality Group of RBs, Mary Poopypants is Built to Win

Draft Summary
Learning to handle success will be the biggest obstacle for Mary Poopypants, as they figure to be at the top of the standings all season. They are expected to go 11-3-0 (1,602 points) and finish in second-place in London Silly-nannies League. They wanted to shore up any RB concerns early, using three of their first five draft picks to draft RBs Eddie Lacy (first round), Zac Stacy (fourth round), and Le'Veon Bell (fifth round). These guys could be the key to the season for Mary Poopypants, as they are the most prolific group of RBs in the league.

With a draft like that, you might as well make it official. Nominate yourself for the Toyota Hall Of Fame.

Week 11 is not looking like a fun one for fantasy football. Mary Poopypants should look into the joys of scrapbooking, or bird-watching, or just keep Mary Poopypants away from the TV. It won't be pretty. They have four players and the most projected fantasy points on bye that week. Based on their opponents' projected points, they have the easiest slate. In addition to having the easiest overall schedule, Mary Poopypants has the softest last four games of the season.

Draft Notes
Good Luck With That One!
Mary Poopypants will have some intriguing decisions to make each week at WR, with a narrow projected points difference between their third- (Larry Fitzgerald), fourth- (Julian Edelman), and fifth-ranked (Eric Decker) wideouts.

Strength in Numbers
In order, the three best positions for Mary Poopypants are TE, DEF, and RB.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor
Mary Poopypants might need to consult a fortune teller each week. Their top-drafted QB (Nick Foles) and second-drafted QB (Tony Romo) have similar seasonal point projections.

Close to the Vest
Mary Poopypants was focused on a squad with minimal risk, grabbing seven "low-risk" players out of 16 picks.

Team of Champions?
Mary Poopypants is fielding a team of fantasy MVPs. Last season, three of their players were among the top-20 players that were on the most championship rosters across all Yahoo! leagues: Eddie Lacy, Jimmy Graham, and Zac Stacy.

Was That Good for you, London Silly-nannies League?
By racking up the most projected points in the league during both the first and second halves of the draft, Mary Poopypants established itself as a fantasy contender.

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