Saturday, August 10, 2013

when they come for you

yeah, so, we could go with whatever and even nothing really changes in a world of constant change, but the fact is that while pointing back to circles and spirals meandering backwards and forwards through body and mind and this and that, neil young's old man song (and the other one) plays in my mind today, at least through the morning hours since waking... the irony (if it is irony) that it is a song sung by a young man to an old man is probably more profound than i am crediting it as i float on the surface for the moment, but that is what physical immobilization due to pain can do to a mind, encourage superficial distraction and out-of-body amusement, something i was quite good at with and without drugs when i was in a young man's body... i sometimes pictured myself in an immobile body without any communicative ability (before and after reading johnny got his gun and meeting other people in immobile bodies with minds ranging from stephen hawking to a potted plant and it was always a curious imaginary experience as i floated through and around and out of my mind, but that may be somewhat beside the point, if there was any point to begin with)...

don't let it get you down... it's only dying, after all...

If your browser does not show the audio player, you can click here to listen to the song

If your browser does not show the audio player, you can click here to listen to the song

narf :)

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