Thursday, October 31, 2013

we do what we do

we sing our own songs, for better or worse, and sometimes nobody knows... whatever may come after the last verse, the cycle of life still flows... alone and apart, we long for a heart, that knows how our energy grows... love can makes us blind, make some lose their mind, and still from the head to the toes, love is the strongest wind that ever blows...

yeah, la la la and all that jazz... so jackson is sorta kinda back with sanford against both of their better judgment and whatever will be will be, but i do not see it as a positive change... still, it is not my life and i will be here no matter what, hoping for no repeat of the last emotionally draining few weeks... being empathic (and using it) can be quite exhausting and still so far nobody knows... and so it goes...

work is draining too... some subtle messages have come to me that i may have inherited a bit of a hornets nest and it is becoming more and more evident that much of what i am hearing from outsiders and subtly from the inside could be true... still, the potential is so there and i love the challenge, though the energy level it takes to use my empathy is getting more and more challenging to maintain as the years pass... i really am ready for retirement, not yet another challenge to be all i can be, la la la...

wish i had all those old tapes i made to keep me alive and strong... aye toronto?

hope life is smiling for you (make it so!)...

narf :)


j said...

do hornets like donuts?

candoor said...

that is so Seuss
a thought in a noose
daring to hang

this is not Seuss
with meter too loose
daring to mock
a sound

what is this then
a poem of zen?
about what it's not
to be found

if hornets like donuts
then wasps might resign
to dine with an ant
on a mound

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