Thursday, December 15, 2011

the botts theory

something for another blog, no doubt, but here i am less and less these days so i start out here with whatever is on my mind and meld into the daily (e)thereal life as i mozey on through the keystrokes... anyway, perhaps if i had a laptop permanently in the bathroom, i would blog more often... yup, that's the botts theory all right... i mean, in case you wondered...

so another day blitzed with people with serious issues and unhappiness and power trips and other people not knowing how to handle them, therein triggering conflicts and power struggles so unnecessary and counterproductive and unhealthy, alas, but still i accomplished more than i set out to accomplish (half the secret of genius is knowing how to set reasonable goals while still shooting for the moon, aka, head in the clouds but feet on the ground make for best view and best footing... might have read that somewhere, like a fortune cookie, but be that as it may, be, even, feel free to take these little parenthetic secrets with you, free, even... not to say a donation of a few kind words in the comment box would be frowned upon, not at all, in fact, wanna see me smile some more? :)

and home almost excited about being off tomorrow, but alas, the power tripping set me up to have to go in (do they just like trying to manipulate others and mess with people?... who knows)... i shall go in for an hour or two and accept a full days pay though, so it's a fair trade...

and suddenly i hear my brain asking who's that knocking on my door and by the time i get there, nobody is at the door... wrong door?... maybe they wanted a neighbor?... don't see anyone outside selling anything (it's a gated community, after all, seldom get sales peoples)... anyway, imagine that, a phantom knocker interrupting this important work... well, now that i am back in the living room, time for the game... make your life the way you want it to be too, every moment, cuz you can... don't be afraid of change, just follow your wisdom, intelligence, desire, dream, instincts, and most of all, your heart... that's the way to happiness... really it is, no matter what bumps get in the way... hope you find it too :)

oh, that last stuff wasn't part of the botts theory, by the way, but it's worth knowing and actualizing... try it if you haven't already, ok? :)

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