Wednesday, April 6, 2016

every now and then

amidst the structures, challenges, and distractions of life there is always hope in my mind that the most precious dreams will one day come true and that is why i will, in spite of the somewhat more official the end having already happened (though if you are reading this blog chronologically, you ought to know time/date stamps are quite relative by now and you can stop scratching your head... unless, of course, it itches), return here now and then to wake the sleeping masses of page viewers (and you and anyone who follows the links to their natural conclusions, wherever that might be) and stimulate the statistics that provide some data that encourages the illusion of popularity that provides fuel for the hope delusion in my mind...

or something like that (at least we can still find me laughing at myself without you, at least until you let me know you are there... always hope, remember?)... I am still writing daily, now and then more than ever, in case it matters...

you are missed :)


Anonymous said...

i'm a day late (i hope you had a beautiful birthday of wishes, hopes and dreams)


candoor said...

Thank you thank you thank you so much there are not enough thank yous in the world to thank you enough :)

'Tis a time of much glee and challenges for me as the freedom from the working world brings both the pleasures of relaxation and the stress of no income. I am currently recovering from a sugar hangover and hoping to survive as I laugh at myself above an underlying reprimand reminding me to take better care of this body (recovery time is much longer than it used to be :)

Jackson finally fell in love well enough to move in with her new partner and so nI am alone (really bad timing for me financially and emotionally, but she is so happy in love and I really think it's working this time and that is wonderful so I am happy everywhere outside of the little selfish kid who only thinks about himself (the rest of me tolerates him because he does keep the rest of me happy by leffting me know what I really want if you know what I mean... most people lose touch with that self-awareness to be kind to others and many are not happy because that is losing touch with themselves and they forget who they are so all is still well inside :)

As you may have noticed I finally almost completely officially closed this blog after almost eight years of almost daily mini-babbles and while nothing in the babbling written gardens is actually over until I am over in this life, I have been putting mostly daily energy into a two-part set of daily blogs for the past month or more. It almost happened back in 2012 or 13 when I also had too much time on my hands and the four blogs that began then are still slowly finding their voices, but it appears to actually be happening now.

I can see this comment becoming an entry with the links to the blogs mentioned filled in so thank you for this and that and the other thing too :)

Life is busy every evening and twice on weekends, but the void during the weekday day time hours still needs to be filled with an income producing activity (and not just helping Curly get his work done, though helping urly is helping me and good for both of us... he gave me a free place to stay saving rent expenses and I do manual labor with him as he manages thirty properties right down to fixing everything and lawn care... the body is wondering what is happening and I laugh as exercise is still a good thing as long as I can do it). Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday are softball times. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings are cards and games times. The life is full of people and fun.

Now if I can just find income and the one (or a new cool roommate best friend), it will be near perfect again. :)

Catch up on life? Email (candoor @ gmail . com) or here or wherever is fine. If I had the money I'd travel and get my stuff still lost in New York and visit and catch up in person, but alas, not happening. Tell me the upsa dn downs and turn arounds going on in your world please :)

Time for me to wake up, shower, and head out to play Bridge. Am I old yet? lam lol ... take care and please keep in touch :)

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